Our family Ken, Leslie, our son Jesse, his wife Amie, and their son and daughter Wyatt and Madeline want to thank you for visitng our website.

Hufford Estate purchased the Poplars Ranch Registered Hereford cattle in October 2013. This opportunity of buying a good genetic-based purebred Hereford herd that was born and raised in the same area and environment as our Fort Rock Ranch had its pluses.

A man’s dream can only be achieved if his team supports him and I feel I have the best team there is. When I mentioned buying the registered cows, my whole family was just as excited as I was. I was raised on a purebred Hereford operation until I was 22 years old, when in 1975 my father, Jesse Hufford, passed away unexpectedly, and before my family could prepare for estate taxes, we were forced to sell our purebred herd to settle the estate.

At that point, we retired the name Hufford’s Herefords. All my life I have loved Hereford cattle, I guess it’s in my blood as my Dad, Granddad, Great Uncle, and one of my sisters all raised purebred Hereford cattle since the early 1900s. It was exciting to think about re-entering the name Hufford’s Herefords and go back to our roots and pick up where we left off some 38 years ago.